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  1. Bonjour,

    Hedy Lamarr is a difficult person to appreciate.
    That is why, with my poor means I tabled this video on Youtube. I could have done better, but it is available.

    (Translation of this comment from French into English by Frengly.com).

    Au revoir from BELGIUM-Liège (Luik/Luttich).

    25 Jun,   13:47   -  PapyLuc 
  2. Putting Hedy Lamarr on the same plane as Turing or Berners-Lee is crazy. The real technical expertise (such as it was) behind the Lamarr patent came from the unjustly neglected composer George Antheil: see http://www.paristransatlantic.com/antheil/mainpage/patent.html

    28 May,   11:20   -  CPK Smithies Show replies to this comment
    1. really interesting -- thanks for the link. you could say the same about Clive Sinclair not being on the same plane as TBL and Turing. still, I think it's a great group of people.

      28 May,  - 12:13   -  Mark Wright

    2. Antheil isn't ignored in the film, is he? I use wifi everyday - so my vote goes to both hedy and george for their JOINT effort to get it going.

      28 May,  - 12:12   -  Ben

  3. The trouble with Hedy Lemarr's initial invention was that radio waves don't travel through water. Not the best way of communicating with torpedoes I would have thought.

    27 May,   20:42   -  rob 
  4. Video much better today. Still not sure about hedy lamarr, she had an idea but what did she actually -Achieve- with it? - compared with some of the others.

    27 May,   06:37   -  paul Show replies to this comment
    1. I think Hedy's story is great. She may not have 'achieved' - but that's because she was dismissed because the military could not believe that a beautiful actress could actually come up with something so amazing. I think women are still fighting those preconceived prejudices today, and if we want more women to follow career paths that aren't seen as traditional for their sex, then we need to celebrate women like Hedy. She is an inspiration!

      27 May,  - 12:53   -  Lucy

  5. video playback is appalling, stops every five seconds ! and thats before its officially opened. better beef up performance BCS !

    26 May,   18:59   -  paul woolman Show replies to this comment
    1. Hi Paul -- we're using Vimeo to host the videos -- and they should play back quite well if you have a decent connection speed. If not, try turning 'HD' off, or pausing to let the films buffer a bit before playing.

      27 May,  - 09:14   -  Andrew (Information Pioneers Team)

  6. "...that's Headley!"

    24 May,   19:13   -  simon covell 
  7. I wonder what could have happened with computer science if Turing had not put his intellectual achievements into play. It could have taken decades for other genious mind coming out with such an accurate mathematical model of the equivalent of a Turing Machine.

    In regard to Hedy Lamarr, sorry, but there were many ordinary engineers that could have easily co-invented hoping frequencies technology. Furthermore, the impact of computer science is so deep which is still hard to measure. We all rely on computer systems nowadays.

    23 May,   16:56   -  Carlos Azevedo Show replies to this comment
    1. I think Hedy Lamarr's invention is vastly important today too. And she was the one who got the idea, which is the most important!

      I have studied frequency hopping for many years. And I do think it is very revolutionary, especially coming from a woman.

      29 May,  - 10:33   -  Stacy

  8. I can't wait to hear Hedy's story. Ziegfeld Girl is my favourite sunday afternoon film!

    20 May,   17:16   -  Anne Cottrell Show replies to this comment
    1. anne...thanks for the comment. if you know other Hedy fans, let them know the film on her will be up here and elsewhere next Thursday. hugh (informationpioneersteam)

      20 May,  - 17:37   -  Hugh

  9. Hedy Lamarr's story is the most interesting. I can't wait to see it.

    20 May,   02:58   -  George G 
  10. Actually she was co-inventor but why let facts get in the way of being PC.

    19 May,   17:00   -  Martin 
  11. Well done Hedy!

    The RF spectrum is incredibly overcrowded these days, across the whole range of wavelengths.

    Even if we only look at 2.4 GHz, we can watch TV via a video-sender, while surfing on a laptop, making a phonecall with bluetooth, and cooking the tea in a microwave oven. None of this would be possible without the frequency hopping spread-spectrum techiniques that Hedy had the vision to introduce.

    19 May,   12:32   -  Dan Wood 
  12. I can't wait to see Miranda's film. She was awesome on Spooks.

    19 May,   00:26   -  Kevin Heist 
  13. Looking forward to seeing this film!!!

    16 May,   21:02   -  James Partridge 

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